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Kweisos House

The Company has a “homestay” property, Kweisos House. Kweisos accommodates up to 14 people. The house is self-contained, with staff being available to help with cooking and cleaning. Bookings made for this property allows for exclusivity. We do not book more than one party for the property at any one time, be it for one person or ten. Facilities on the farm include swimming pool, tennis courts, horse riding, bird watching and walking and the chance for tours around the farm to see the different enterprises.

Take a look at our Brochure here or get in touch to book in by emailing:

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Bird Watching

For the avid bird watcher, Koru has an abundance of bird life and mammals, so far we have spotted 272 birds on the farm. Come along and see how many birds you can spot off our Bird List!


Find more information on the presence/breeding of these birds and plan your trip to hopefully catch a glimpse of some of the migratory birds

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