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Homa Lime Company Ltd

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The Company is a family business in Western Kenya. We started the limestone side of the company in Kanjira (Karachuonyo) in the mid 1920s producing under 5 tonnes of Hydrated Lime per day. In 1938 it moved to Kowuor, near Homa Bay and was incorporated as a limited company and our lime production increased to 10 tonnes per day.


In the early 1950s, land was acquired here in Koru, and a new limestone factory built with a capacity of 60 tonnes per day. Since then we have grown and now are able to produce a variety of limestone products and have a maximum capacity of 90 tonnes per day for Hydrated Lime.

As land cannot be left idle, we branched out into other farming practices. Mazao Yetu Ltd was then established in 2010 and covers the farming side of the business which includes growing sugarcane, which is processed into Jaggery, as well as the livestock which includes cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry. 


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